Novamobili beds



The Bend bed’s pairing of a curved headboard and a bed surround with rounded corners results in a well balanced harmonious whole that sits comfortably in a modern bedroom while also suiting a more traditional style of architecture and décor.  The bed surround also comes with a storage base option.


The bed surround also comes with a storage base option.

Featuring a wonderfully soft, sink-in form, the comfortable and versatile Brick bed is embellished by stitching of an almost tailored quality.


Simple timeless lines for the Dedalo bed

An elegant, versatile model that pairs easily with various storage ranges and other items from the Novamobili collection, versatile enough to ft seamlessly into either a modern or classic setting.


Defined by the distinctive slanted bed surround

The Dodo bed features a balanced play of proportions, with the base of the frame – in a choice of eco-wood finishes.


A new concept in beds.

Grace embodies a new concept in beds, where the simplicity of the frame – available in the veneered finishes rovere miele and rovere terra – sits happily alongside the enveloping ergonomic design of the headboard.


Softly chic

The Modo bed stands out thanks to its large padded headboard with central buttonless topstitching which gives it a sophisticated personality. The fully removable covers can be made in different types of fabric. The upholstered base, with rounded shapes, is also available in storage unit version with the Simple mechanism which allows the base to be raised for easier rearrangement of the bed.


Nido is a pared-back yet elegant bed that fits well in any setting.

From a modern to a more classic interior. The bed surround’s geometric shapes, with mitred detailing on the corners and square legs, go beautifully with the linear design of the padded headboard, made up of two big cushions with refined stitching. The bed surround also comes with a storage base option.


Velvet is a padded bed featuring a soft headboard that opens up its wings inviting a hug.

The bed completes the Velvet collection of upholstery items for the living area – sofa, armchair and ottoman – echoing its flowing, sinuous lines. Light, enveloping and elegant, it features a soft padded headboard that opens up its wings inviting a hug. The bed surround raised up on legs can be customized with any of the fabric, leather and imitation leather options from the catalogue.


The Twiggy bed is a functional model with a big personality.

A soft, sink-in form, a high, slimline back: these are the distinguishing features of the Twiggy bed, a functional model with a big personality. The stitching on the removable covers, in various types of fabric, can be produced in the same colours as the Novamobili lacquered finishes for a perfectly coordinated result. The bed surround also comes with a storage base option.

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