We furnish your house with a selection of complements in a wide range of shapes and colors.
Our mission is to sell a high- standard life-style.
Managing a project involves promoting and spreading a refined sense of color, attention for shapes and volumes, rationalization, design and high-quality products.
Taking care of each step in the project allows us to propose innovative color and material blending solutions which make your house unique.


Shanghai interior project

Bourgeois style…
The client is in love with the brand Poliform and he wanted to use this same brand also to furnish
his home in the far East.
Project: Shanghai
Architects: Francesca Gelosa + Raffaello Nava
Artisans: Gelosa Lab
Partners: Poliform, Alivar, Gessi, Varenna
Year: 2014
Location: Shanghai (China)


London interior project

New habits…
Using a bookcase and other day systems it is possible to create a variety of compositions.
Environments dedicated to work activity and relax, to intimacy and conviviality winded one after the other in a both simple and refined atmosphere like chapters in a fascinating novel.

Project: The House in the Woods

Architects: Francesca Gelosa + Angelo Gelosa

Artisans: Gelosa Lab

Partners: Arrital, Novamobili, Cea Design, Karol


Saint Moritz interior project

Non-conventional Place…
The place: a piece of architecture arising from the stone, created to be integrated in the surrounding landscape in the Swiss Alps.
A sober and refined environment characterized by the warm nuances of oak wood.

Project: Saint Moritz

Architects: Raffaello Nava + Elena Guida

Artisans: Gelosa Lab

Year: 2013

Location: Saint Moritz (Swiss)


Monza interior project

Custom-made details…

The owners asked for furniture  personalized with the high value quality touch of the artisan woodworks typical of the Lombardy Region.
Kitchen in wood and lacquered finishing with WOLF and SUB-ZERO exclusive appliances.
This kitchen project was selected to take part into the kitchen design contest Best of the Best 2013 – 2014.

Project: Monza Park

Architects: Luca Bergamasco + Veronica Zabatta + Sara Casu

Artisans: Gelosa Lab

Partners: Arrital, Sub Zero, Wolf, Bonaldo, Moroso

Year: 2014

Location: Monza

Milano progetto gelosa

Milano interior project

Milan apartment with an enthusiastic amateur chef as owner, he gave great importance to the fires and the extractor hood, a modern house, but also warm and comfortable.
Architects: Angelo Gelosa + Sara Casu
Artisans: Gelosa Lab
Partners: Bonaldo, Poliform
Year: 2014
Location: Milano San Siro

sansiro milano progetto gelosa

Interior project San Siro

The owner…
Residential environment in Milano characterized by a fish-tank and a fire-place dominated by Gastone (the dog ), the unquestioned protagonist in the house
Project: Milano San Siro

Architects: Angelo Gelosa + Sara Casu

Artisans: Gelosa Lab

Partners: Bonaldo, Varenna, Poliform

Year: 2014

Location: Milano


Monza Villa Reale project

Family Portrait…
Contemporary furniture in total white which highlights the iconic furnishing emphasized by relief concrete resins and personalized wallpaper.
Project: Monza Villa Reale

Architects: Maristella Gelosa+ Roberta Brambilla

Artisans: Gelosa Lab

Brands: Baxter, Arrital, Alivar, Poliform

Year: 2014

Location: Monza


Budapest home project

A turn-key project where the environment has been studied in detail: light design, furnishing, AAL, outdoor. The villa was designed by a Hungarian archistar, but the owner wanted an Italian interior design project as our country is the world leader in the design field and GELOSA architecture + interior design has assisted him in each phase of the project, from design to delivery and setting in Hungary.

progetto interni varese

Interior project Varese

A flat furnished in a classical-contemporary style
A flat furnished in a classical-contemporary style, parquet, leather sofas, wrought-iron beds, British-style bathroom and a truly modern kitchen. Cherry on top, the wine cellar everyone would like to have.

Interior project Como Lake

The housing spaces are structured around large glazed areas. Essential and modern lines, blended with warm shades of color which perfectly fit in the traditional structure.
This was an abandoned building on the edge of Como Lake, but the buyer’s watchful and loving eye jointly with the designer’s sensibility have returned it to its original splendor this building set in a breathtaking spot.

China Luxury interior project


This project embraces both the cultural aspects of contemporary China: on the one hand the tradition of a Country rich in history and, on the other hand, the crave for modernity and design.

The architectural structure of the building is characterized by references to the traditional Chinese culture while the furnishing has been chosen in a very modern and contemporary style by the customer.

An exciting blend of tradition and innovation.

Lugano interior project

In the verdant Canton Ticino, the villa is a jewel in modern style with wide rooms and a large kitchen with a kitchen island, three Swarovski hoods and a work plan worthy of a professional chef. The owners confess they have chosen this solution only because of aesthetics, but they have made the good resolution to become first class chefs.


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